About us….

Born in Spain, Hunting Go is a groundbreaking initiative within the hunting sector that will strengthen the already important reference that our country means internationally in this area.

The promoters, a group of multidisciplinary professionals who are come together driven by their passion and their love for hunting, aim at contributing in a different way to the enhancement of our beloved hunting ecosystem in Spain.

Therefore, with great enthusiasm, we present hunting-go.com.

And the subsequent question one may ask is: is hunting in Spain defended and promoted with a name in English?

Yes, it is. We want to contribute to the sector by structuring a large service platform, i.d. a marketplace, that boosts the sector by providing the hunter, whether national or foreign, with all the digital facilities for the search and booking of hunting expeditions in different modalities and related services to them.

Not surprisingly, Spain is a world reference for sustainability in the rural world because a high percentage of its population, who loves the countryside as well as hunting, goes out of their way to, responsibly, make our ecosystem a better world day by day.

The result is that year after year we become a host country for increasingly more hunters as well as offering more destinations.

Notwithstanding, we are aware that the real actors and protagonists of this network are you, the professional hunters or, more generally, the hunting managers or organizers.

Therefore, I would like to address you to ask for your confidence on us and register on our website in order to keep you informed in the coming weeks of future updates we will be making.

Hunting-go.com is being born. We hope to enjoy your presence at the launch.

Alfonso Sánchez
General Manager at Hunting-Go

What is Hunting-go.com?

hunting-go.com is a Web Product for booking hunting days, via the Internet, aimed at facilitating the search and reservation of the BEST AND SELECTED HUNTS that interest you.

You will be able to reserve the positions you need in advance, and, in turn, be informed of any changes or a new hunt in the areas where you register according to your preferences.

It is a Web portal, integrated with a Chanel Manager tool for booking management, which also has an APP (*) for mobile devices so as to offer all sorts of options to users such as different dates, places and geographical areas where such services are provided.

All content, design, images, idea, are protected under current legislation.

If you wish to unsubscribe from future communications, please send an email to info@hunting-go.com

Alfonso Sánchez
Doménico Corsi